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Waking at night

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gillcooke Mon 08-Aug-11 11:45:50

Hi, im new to this & need advice, i have 6 month old twin boys, who have had the same bedtime rountine since 1st night home from hospital, which has been fantastic, however for the past 2 weeks twin 2 has been waking at midnight & staying awake for up to 3 hours, not crying but talking turning & kicking the cot. I go in try to settle him then go out, however this is not working. If after an hr & a half he is still not asleep he starts crying untill his brother wakes at which point he will happily go back to sleep, they cant see each other but can hear each other is he missing his brother or just being a little monkey please help need sleep ps his brother sleeps through unless woken by his brother

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