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Help with 11month old sleep please.

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OrganicFreeRangeBoys Sun 07-Aug-11 20:25:33

New here and hope you can help.

I don`t necessarily need him to sleep through the night. I could cope with 2 night feeds but need help with the rest.

He is fed/rocked/back patted to sleep and in his cot (next to my bed) by 7pm. No Problems there.

On a good night (rare) if he doesn't wake up at 9pm then he will usually sleep until 11pm/midnight so I know he can do a 4/5hr stretch. After this first feed, I bring him into bed with me as he wakes up then every 2hrs and is usually up for the day at 5am, although we`ve had a couple of nights recently where he has fed and gone back to sleep until 8am.

On a bad night, he will wake up at 9pm, then 10pm, then midnight etc etc. In with me from around 10pm.

(I`ve tried him in his cot all night but it doesn`t make a difference, just makes me more tired)

I have tried settling him with water, shhh/patting him, giving him the shortest feed possible to settle him, giving him a full feed by tickling his feet or chin to wake him up etc.

Even bedsharing isn't helping me sleep a bit more as he's a really fidgety feeder.

If I could get him down to even 2 feeds at say 11pm and 5am that`ll be great but how do I get him to settle at his other wakenings?

I can`t leave him to cry as I have a 2yr old as well who has slept fab since he was tiny and don`t want to disturb him. (Small flat)

ANy ideas?

From a tired mummy.

Sorry that was long.

bamboobutton Sun 07-Aug-11 20:35:20

why on earth are you waking him up to feed?!!! haven't you heard of dream feeding?

i would go in and give a dream feed before he even starts waking up.

it also sounds like he has too many night feeds for his age (i could be very wrong though)

at 11mo my dd had a feed at 6ish and a dream feed at 10pm, then another feed when she woke up in the morning, 7am(ish)

OrganicFreeRangeBoys Sun 07-Aug-11 20:43:22

I`m not waking him to feed. He`s waking himself to feed.

Yes I have heard of Dream Feeding but when he`s already woken up at 9pm ish it`s a bit late to try and Dream Feed him at 11pm or whatever time they reccommend isn`t it?

bamboobutton Sun 07-Aug-11 20:51:14

ooh, you said you tickled him to wake him up too feed so i thought you were waking him to feed.

does the crying wake the older one up? tbh i usually leave dd grizzling for 10mins and she settles back to sleep and hasn't ever woken my 3yo old up, i only go in if the crying gets more than a grizzle.

Tillyscoutsmum Sun 07-Aug-11 20:54:05

How does he sleep during the day ?? The regular wakings could be a sign of overtiredness. DS was similar (and at 19 months, can still be a bit of a nightmare if his day time naps are "wrong")

OrganicFreeRangeBoys Sun 07-Aug-11 21:01:47

Bamboo, Yes, tickling his feet was one of the things I tried to get him to take a full feed at 11pm/midnight as he would just suckle for a minute or so then go to sleep and wake up an hour later.

Tilly. Used to be fab. Would go down for a nap at 9/9.30am ish for 30 minutes or so then again at 12.30pm for 2 hours.

Now, he won`t go down for his morning nap but when he goes for his lunchtime nap he treats it as morning then only sleeps for about 30minutes again. It`s a real struggle to get him back down.

But then even when his daytime naps where great, he was still waking as first post.

Tillyscoutsmum Sun 07-Aug-11 22:21:54

IME (and obviously all babies are different), 2.30pm until 7pm can be quite a long time for an 11 month old to go without a sleep. Until quite recently, I used to have to take DS for a drive in the car to get him to have a short nap (15-20 minutes) at around 4 pm and it really seemed to help with the over tired wakenings.

Other thing which helped was a dummy. Like a lot of people I was very anti dummies but he seemed to wake just to comfort suck briefly and a dummy helped with that. I had to try and few different ones until I found one he'd take.

OrganicFreeRangeBoys Sun 07-Aug-11 22:39:43

I can certainly try the drive or at least a stroll in the pram late afternoon to get an extra little nap in.

I'm by no means anti dummies, my oldest son had one which he gave up himself at 15months. But I really tried to get the youngest to take a dummy and he was having none of it. He didn't take to any comforters at all.

Well, thank-you. We'll start with his daytime naps then and see if the nights get better naturally that way.

Tillyscoutsmum Sun 07-Aug-11 22:44:43

Good luck. It will pass (but I know how hellish it is in the meantime sad)

bamboobutton Mon 08-Aug-11 08:48:25

have you thought about moving his bedtime forward (or is it back?) to about 5.30/6ish?

my dd is terrible at napping and when she started napping for only 40 mins in the afternoon, waking at 1.30pm i moved bedtime to 5pm and she started sleeping through the night.

she is 13mo now and only has one nap a day most of the time and goes to bed between 5 and 6 and sleeps through until 7am.

AmIDoingThisRight Wed 10-Aug-11 13:14:59

Gosh - I could have written your post OP. Almost to the hour I am in exactly the same boat with my DD (same age) and it is truly knackering. Especially with my older DS. Am in day 6 or the No Cry Sleep solution, and am monitoring the night wakings (so many to note - almost every hour on the hour) and coupled with standing up in the cot and unable to get back down. Grim times!

She does sleep quite well in the day which is helping a little, and have attempted to cut out the night feeds which seem to be more habit than anything.

One thing that might help is to give yourself a cut off point of say 3 am and decide that you won't feed him until after then after you've put him down for the night (ha! if only if was for the night). Have had some success with this in that she's starting not to expect to be fed early on.

Kittyroo Wed 10-Aug-11 22:22:52

Blimey! I could have written this post too OP! I have a 10 month old DS and a 3 year old DD and I try to put DS back in his cot when I have fed him but he is waking pretty much every one to two hours. My DS is also a terrible sleeper and is currently dreaming/sleepwalking anything up to 9 times a night. I am exhausted and can't deal with them both without having DS in with me.

I did co-sleep with DD and she went into her own room at about 14 months although it was a struggle and involved me sleeping on the floor of her room holding her hand for a few nights (the things we do!). She was never this bad when 11 months though and woke much less to feed. My DS is a huge boy so maybe he is just hungry?? Not sure what else I can do other than carry on as I am?

Sorry not much help but just to let you know you are not alone!! grin

OrganicFreeRangeBoys Sun 21-Aug-11 22:09:38

Well, it doesn`t seem to be getting any better.

Although saying that he`s been sleeping really well between 7pm and 10/11pm. Basically until I get into bed, It doesn`t matter what time I get into bed, he`ll wake up as soon as my head hits the pillow.

Soooo, I`m thinking he might sleep better in his own room but i`m hesitating at putting him in there just in case it doesn`t work and I just end up walking between rooms all night.

I have a couple of weeks until we move into a place where he can have his own room so I suppose we can only try.

Naptimes are still a nightmare. He goes to sleep fine but wakes up after 20mins and won`t go back to sleep and I KNOW hes knackered. So if anyone haas any tips I`d be greatful.

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