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At what age did you start putting DC down in their own room?

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pinkgirlythoughts Sun 07-Aug-11 14:56:16

DS, 11 weeks, is getting rather big for his moses basket, and since he moves about quite a bit in his sleep, is starting to wake up more and more often during the night, often taking over an hour to settle, then waking up again after 1 to 2 hours. The last few nights, I've tried putting him down in his cot in his own room (cot won't fit in our bedroom), and each night, he's managed to sleep through for around six hours before waking up. I know, however, that safety guidance says he should really be in our room until six months, so I always bring him back into his moses basket after the first time he wakes up, meaning we spend the rest of the night yo-yoing up and down every hour or so.
Common sense tells me he sleeps better in his cot, but fear of SIDs tells me he needs to be in with us, even if that means neither of us gets much sleep all night.
Has anyone ever successfully moved a younger baby into their own room? How did it work for you?

mummytasha11 Sun 07-Aug-11 17:52:07

We moved ds Into his own bedroom at 12 weeks as he grew out of Moses basket' we only live in a small 2bed flat so our rooms are right next to each other. As long as u have a baby monitor it wil be fine.

Popbiscuit Sun 07-Aug-11 17:59:23

I put all three of mine in their own rooms at 3 months when they outgrew the basket. Not just because I needed to make use of the proper crib but because I couldn't sleep a wink with a baby snuffling around in the basket all night! I hadn't heard of the 6 month guideline then (my youngest is 4 now). Is it recent?

bettieblue Sun 07-Aug-11 19:00:12


My DS is 11 weeks old and we put him in his cot in his nursery this weekend as he is too big for his moses basket (and the cot won't fit in our room). Ive never understood the SIDS advise as it doesn't say why having baby in your room reduces cot death- ia`it because you hear them if they stop breathing? . We have been putting DS to sleep at 7pm for weeks now so he was in his moses basket in our room whilst we were downstairs which im guessing isn't in line with the advice. We have bought a monitor with a pad underneath that sounds an alarm if he stops breathing though again this isn't supposed to prevent cot death but it at least we would get a warning that something was wrong. We follow the advice to minimise risks such as not smoking , making sure hes not too hot etc and im comfortable with our decision.

I know a few people who have put babies in their own room from birth with no problems and I know a couple who lost their baby to cot death but had taken her into their bed as she wasn't sleeping. I think even if others have put babies in their own room with no problems but you aren't comfortable with the decision you will end up constantly checking, worrying and getting no sleep anyway.

amyboo Mon 08-Aug-11 08:00:20

I put DS in his own room at 7 or 8 weeks because I was exhausted (I'm a light sleeper and his constant snuffling meant I was getting almost no sleep!). He was fine... I also used to settle him on his side from about 10 weeks, as he seemed happier. So, clearly I broke all the SIDS rules!

ZeroMinusZero Mon 08-Aug-11 08:12:26

My dd didn't sleep well in her basket at all so we put her in her cot very early on, but the cot was in our room. We have just moved to to her own room at five months. Yours should be fine if the rooms are close but if you can fit the cot in your own room, I would.

Sowlers Mon 08-Aug-11 08:20:19

Both my boys went into their own room in the large cot at 12 weeks. The youngest is now 16 weeks and we all sleep much better in our own rooms. I have no qualms about this as we are non smokers, our rooms are close and he is in a sleeping bag rather than under blankets. But it's a personal decision based on your circumstances and views. Good luck getting some sleep. smile

Whathashappenedtomyboobs Mon 08-Aug-11 13:06:36

My DS went into his cotbed at 9 weeks.....he looked tiny! But he slept better as did I.

I found that when he was in my room, I would keep checking on him after every little noise and that unfortunately woke him up! Not good for either of us!

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