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8am old suddenly sleeping at night

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Niccc123 Sun 07-Aug-11 02:32:33

After weeks of willing my 8wk old to sleep for longer than 2hrs at a time, he suddenly last night started going for longer. Should be good news but this has coincided with a mild bout of diarrhoea. Now hr has been going for 4hrs and then only really stiring because his mad mother starts panicking and prodding him/checking his temp etc Am concerned that if he goes too long he'll get dehydrated, what with all the pooing too. Any views on whether I should be waking him for regular night feeds or should just enjoy the kip? TIA

JoyceBarnaby Sun 07-Aug-11 02:56:03

Hi, I don't think I'm going to be very helpful bit I didn't want your post going unanswered tonight! I understand your worry - you want them to sleep more often but when you do, you worry about how much they're eating and if they're ok!! My own 8wo is asleep on me now (will attempt to transfer to Moses soon) and can do a 4-5 hour stretch at night now, so that in itself is fine and dandy.

Can you define diarrhoea? DD's poo is so runny and explosive in it's normal state! Is he feeding well during the day? Is he BF? If so, he may well latch on got a bit of a drink in his sleep - worth a shot to put your mind at rest?

If you post on here and add something about feeding while baby has diarrhoea in your title, you might get more responses - possibly!

Sorry I'm not much help! Hope your DS is better very soon and that the longer bouts of sleep continue for you!

debka Sun 07-Aug-11 05:53:13

ENJOY THE KIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Niccc123 Sun 07-Aug-11 08:21:18

Thanks Joyce. He has had very frequent (every 2-3hrs) loose stools since the early hours of Friday morning. These have ranged in colour from bright biro green to fluro yellow to mustard. They also smell a bit more pungent than normal. I am bf and his feeding has been unaffected. In fact, he doesn't seem bothered at all by it - not in pain, not dehydrated (as lots of wees and dribble, skin and fontanelles are normal). The only change in him is this increased amount of sleep. Am hoping it is this just him learning to sleep for longer but I imagine it has more to do with being poorly sad

JoyceBarnaby Sun 07-Aug-11 09:01:30

Obviously, you know your baby best and you must trust your instincts about him being poorly - now and in the future. Also, you know what has changed in your baby and what represents normal for him.

That being said, everything you've described - from the colour range to the frequency of poo - is perfectly normal for a BF baby, so at the very least I'd say he isn't very very poorly. As all the other signs are good, I definitely think try to enjoy this phase of better sleep - whatever's causing it - because something else will probably change and your sleep will suffer again!!


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