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16 week old screams at bedtime

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toolittletime89 Fri 05-Aug-11 19:16:37

Hi, could someone give me some advice please? My LO is 16 weeks and in the last cpl weeks has started screaming blue murder when she sees her cot at bed time. During the day she will nap in her cot with a little fuss, but generally is quite subdued.
However, she will now have her bath, be happy enough until she sees her cot then she screams screams screams! Its very difficult to feed her, sing to her or have a story, our usual routine tht has worked well since she was 8weeks!
Could this have anything to do with her realising she is about to be left for the night?? I don't get why she looks so terrified.

RitaMorgan Fri 05-Aug-11 19:19:52

Have you left her to cry in her cot before?

How about feeding her to sleep in the living room and then taking her through to her room?

toolittletime89 Sat 06-Aug-11 14:14:18

I used to feed her to sleep, however had to stop as im going to be returnin to work evenings soon so wanted her to be able to fall asleep for my partner without a booby! As i said, for weeks she would have a bath, a story then a feed the bed, with no problems (maybe a little bit of fussing) but no screaming at the mere sight of the cot!
I would always give her 5mins to calm herself to sleep, with lots of shushin n face stroking til she started to doze off, now im worried its my fault shes terrified to sleep on her own. Im also worried about changin her routine too much now as iv been tryin to be consistent for a while now, i dont want to upset her with change, i just hate to see her so upset! I dont have this trouble at naptime.
Thank you for your advice, if i didnt av to go back to work i wud feed her to sleep all the time cuz its such a lovely, cuddly time for us

Emma7007 Sat 06-Aug-11 16:13:29

Hrmm! Is she overtired? LO's always fight sleep when overtired. Why don't you try missing out the bath - so that she thinks it's more of a daytime nap!

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