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No cry sleep solution

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binkybonk Thu 04-Aug-11 14:19:07

So, I'm on page 148 and really? Really?!!!! People need to be told this stuff?!!! 'dim the lights before bedtime' 'gentle movements help'!!!
I bought it over the internet as no bookshop in this country stocked it, and kept reading about it here, but someone please tell me it actually has some 'solution' other than blinding common sense... I agree with the lovely author on almost everything, just can't believe she's made a book out of it!!
Back to the 'sit it out and hope for the best' approach here- oh wait, that's what the book says!

LittleMilla Thu 04-Aug-11 15:13:50

blush I actually quite like it.

Best bit for me is the tips on how to stop feeding your LO to sleep. And although a lot of it is common sense, when you're sleep deprived and a first timer, you do sort of need someone to spell it out.

There agree there are prob better books (I prefer the baby whisperer), but it's not a complete crock of sh*te in my opinion.

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