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6 month nap times

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Snarfle Thu 04-Aug-11 09:24:14

Hi my 6 month old tends to nap for approx 3 hours a day usyally:
1-1.5 hours being cuddled on a morning (about 1.5 hours after getting up)
o.5-1hr at about 11.30 taken in pram and
1hr - 1.5hr at about 2-2.30pm either being cuddled or in pram.

He is very tired at bedtime but if we let him nap after 4pm he isn't sleepy at bedtime. Also going through 6 month growth spurt I think so bedtime sleep has turned rubbish at the minute!!

Do these naps sound about average for a 6 month old and when do they usually drop to two naps and which nap gets dropped?

Thank you

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