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Need some suggestions for helping us all sleep in the same room together!

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Backinthebox Wed 03-Aug-11 22:41:20

We live in a 2 bedroom house, and are in the final throes of having an extension with extra bedrooms completed. In the meantime 11mo DS has his cot in our bedroom. We have co-slept a lot as I find it easier to do nighttime feeds if I don't have to leap out of bed, but he is a big lad now and is still keen to BF on and off through the night. We've had little experiment where I sleep on the sofa and he sleeps all night without waking if it is just husband and he in the room. My mother has also taken him to sleep in the annex overnight and he sleeps very well. It seems as though he just thinks 'well, since you are there I might as well have a little bit of milk.' And he wriggles and hangs on with his teeth as he does it.

Hopefully the extension (and his own room!) will be ready in a month, but I may well have gone mad by then. I can't ask my husband to help too much as he is very stretched at work and is also doing a lot already with the kids as I am injured - he needs to get his rest sometime! I don't want to sleep on our little sofa for another month - has anyone got any suggestions for how I can survive the next month?

sedgiebaby Thu 04-Aug-11 10:32:56

Hi in a similar situation for the next 3 weeks, we are also ready to night wean and keep her in her own bed. If dh can try settling her (perhaps this weekend) and there is no offering of feeds or co-sleeping it might work quite quickly. This is what seems to be happening for us. The first night she was up for over two hours and would not go back in her bed, dh had to take over after 2 hours I was exasperated! Last night woke once and settled by dh in one minute.

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