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Co-sleeping to Cot - help please!

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NewChoos Wed 03-Aug-11 10:24:38

We have been mainly co sleeping due to Bf'ing and DS (18 weeks) not settling in moses basket/cot. He does now manage 2-3 hours in cot (on odd occasion 4-5 hours) if he is asleep when we put him in it. I haven't minded co sleeping, has been lovely being so close but he is now very wiggly and shuffling/turning and so it will be safer for him to be in his cot and to be honest, I don't sleep that well when co sleeping. The cot has been beside our bed with the side down, are planning to put the side up this weekend.
However, DS likes to be close to me, and often shuffles over, and has taken to sleeping with his arm touching me, so I don't think putting the side up is going to go down that well......

We also don't have a routine despite trying and he generally goes to bed when we do (10 ish and even then can take an hour to settle by this point he is generally in with us!). He finds it incredibly hard to self settle and normally feeds to sleep. Is he too young for pick up put down?
He had refused a dummy, but as he was using me as a dummy sometimes all night, we tried again last night and it went quiet well, in fact when he woke at 0300, I gave him the dummy and he went back to sleep without feeding!

Naps in the day are generally on me although I have tried to put in cot......

Apologies for long post, I am going back to work in 3 months and would love to have more of a routine and for DS to be in his cot more before this.

Any advice would be much appreciated (we don't feel CC is an option).

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