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13mo - early wake ups, very short naps!

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violetbubbles Tue 02-Aug-11 10:01:16

I'm looking for advice and support. My 13mo is an absolute joy to be around, but she has always been a bit of a rubbish sleeper. Her sleeping habits have improved massively but I'm ready for her to improve a little bit more now... wink


5-5.30am Wake up (screaming, not chatting, not whimpering but SCREAMING!)
6-6.30am Bottle 7oz
7-7.30am Breakfast (Cereal, fruit, half a bagel)
7.45am Nursery
4pm Pick up from nursery. Usually overtired.
Sometimes will nap in carseat for 30 mins.
5pm Dinner
6-6.30pm Bathtime, bottle 7oz
6.45-7pm Bed

She's at nursery until 4pm and usually naps for a total of 25 minutes the whole day. Staff have tried to get her to take a morning nap. She's not interested. Wants to go off exploring/learning/toddling round the room. Refuses to go down after lunch with the rest of the babies. Sometimes they'll manage to get her to sleep for 25 mins then her eyes ping open, she's SCREAMING again for a few minutes then she's bright as a button.

I know some people might think I'm moaning unnecessarily. 10-11 hours uninterrupted sleep at night is good going for a 13mo. I get that smile But it's been a long year with very few naps and I'm back at work full time now and I'm a tad exhausted. I'm keen to teach her how to be a better sleeper so that she's more relaxed and less inclined to go into a full blown meltdown through over tiredness.

Does anyone else have a little monkey like mine who refuses naps and wakes up too early? I've tried everything (at least I think I have), I've read all the books, I've sought help from others who think they can do better (they can't!).

Support and/or advice from those in similar situations would be most appreciated! smile

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