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Nap times for a 6mo

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TettyLouBar Tue 02-Aug-11 09:22:05

Teething is probably playing its role here, but DD2 is was having really good naps, regularly throughout the day and settled herself well was beginning to sleep longer.
Now its all gone to pot. I don't know whether its because she's getting older and is stretching out her wakeful times, but she seems to be having difficulty getting off to sleep and fights it.

What are yo 6mo nap routines if any? How long do they go between each nap?

bagelmonkey Tue 02-Aug-11 13:15:48

I have no idea, but I really need to know the answer. DD was finally taking 2-3 decent naps a day without much fuss until we moved 10days ago and now I can't get her to nap or into a routine. I'm starting from scratch again sad so I'd love to know what to aim for because what I'm doing isn't working.

debka Tue 02-Aug-11 13:29:28

DD2 is 5.5mo, so not quite 6mo yet. Assuming she wakes at a reasonable hour she will have a sleep in the morning of 45-90 mins, one at lunchtime of up to 2hrs, then another 45 mins in the afternoon. She can stay awake for about 1hr 45mins, but she goes a bit longer before bed.


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