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Bedside cot - worth it?

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SerenaJoy Mon 01-Aug-11 18:48:11

We've currently got 4 week old DS in a moses basket (which he's rapidly outgrowing) and I'm thinking about buying a bedside cot to put him in, instead of the traditional crib. He ends up in our bed most nights after I feed him, but I'm not entirely comfortable with him there - I spend a lot of time checking he's ok, and I think I'd get more sleep if he was in his own wee space, but still close to me for feeding and cuddles. So what's the verdict on bedside cots? I'm considering one of these two:



Grateful for any advice/recommendations!

Thandeka Mon 01-Aug-11 19:26:10

I loved loved loved mine. It was £35 from eBay and me and dd used to fall asleep holding hands. smile doddle to feed in night too- just hoiked her over. Get one

CharlotteBronteSaurus Mon 01-Aug-11 19:27:45

loved ours
worth every penny

BellaBearisWideAwake Mon 01-Aug-11 19:30:11

I adore ours. It's from John Lewis and my dad made us a new base so it doesn't have a gap between it and our bed - check this when buying because it was quite annoying after spending £160. Otherwise it's great. DS2 starts off in it and then ends up cuddled up with me after first feed of the night. If I could work out how not to wee in the night I wouldn't have to get up at all

HappyAsASandboy Mon 01-Aug-11 20:25:44

I think they're a great idea, but I didn't have to buy one! We just took one side off a normal cot, and the matresses matched heights smile

Saved to price of the bedside cot, as the normal cot is bigger (I think) and lasts longer.

SerenaJoy Tue 02-Aug-11 19:18:35

Thanks everyone, I ordered the Amazon one - looking forward to a slightly more restful sleep in 3-5 working days grin

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