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How old was your baby when they first turned themselves over?

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ChrissasMissis Mon 01-Aug-11 17:34:31

My nine week old has just discovered he can roll himself onto his tummy. Naturally, when I first found him face down in the cot it frightened me to death. That, coupled with some recent reflux-related breathing issues has meant very little sleep for me lately...

He is a very mobile and fidgety baby, which has meant he has recently made the transition from his moses basket into a proper cot, as his nocturnal thrashings were somewhat alarming! Plus, he is now too long for the moses basket.

Since being in the cot - despite using a sleeping bag - he has managed to wriggle himself all over the place. I have variously found him sleeping horizontally across the cot' arms poking out of bars; face crammed into corner and he regularly sets of his Angelcare monitor by moving too far from the pad.

Has anyone else experienced this? Does anyone have a tried and tested solution for keeping excessively mobile babies in safe sleeping positions? I am so very tired and know that I can't sit up all night watching him to make sure he stays in a safe position.


icd Mon 01-Aug-11 17:40:11

Mine did the same, from about 12 weeks. At first it freaked me out too, especially the being face flat down bit! I would try to move her head to the side at least. After a week I left her to it, and she has been sleeping well but on her tummy ever since.
If you really don't want him to turn onto his tummy then some people might advocate a single sheet tight over him whilst on his back, tucked in on three sides so that he can't move. I didn't do this.

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