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Please help - flipping baby can't nap anymore.

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bagelmonkey Fri 29-Jul-11 17:29:28

DD is 6 months.
We've never really had much of a routine. She has never slept through the night, but I'm really not that bothered about the nighttime just yet. She usually goes to sleep around 7:30, wakes at some point between 10-12:30 for a pretty big feed, then wakes at around 3-5ish for another feed. She often wakes repeatedly after this feed after she flips herself onto her back and wakes herself up. She will only sleep on her front. She goes back to sleep if we put her down again.
She's always been a terrible mapper, only ever falling asleep on the boob in the daytime, but I had fixed that with PU/PD and she had been taking 3 decent naps a day fairly easily, 2 of them for up to 1 1/2 - 1 1/4 hours.
On Sunday we flew to Dublin where we'll be living for the next year.
She has barely napped since we got here. Now whenever I put her down for a nap, no matter how relaxed she seems, she just rolls over and grins and wants to play. I know that it's all new for her and a lot of stimulation, but even when I get her to sleep, she wakes after 30mins at most.
I want to try to get her into a routine, but I'm not sure how to go about it. Should we just enforce a routine eg 4 hour EASY? Or the 2,3,4 schedule? Or try to find her own?
Any advice or tips??

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