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Another 10 month old nap question...

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EgonSpengler Fri 29-Jul-11 11:12:14

Thanks to all those that gave advice on my original thread! Today is the first day where we've gone back to sleeping in the cot for naps. She was up at about 6.45 a.m. and has only now gone to sleep! She was tired at 9, so I gave her a bottle and then popped her down.

She was okay for a bit and then cue the shouting, rolling and getting stuck etc... I kept going up to reassure her / unhook her. As I said, she's just given in now (11 a.m.) even though she was tired about 2 hours ago. It seems such a shame as if she'd had her nap earlier we could have been playing this morning.

Will she eventually get the hint that she should go to sleep when she's tired, or will it literally take 2 hours every time?



EgonSpengler Mon 01-Aug-11 10:57:58



It's been so beautiful this w/end, but we haven't been out in the morning at all as she's resisting her nap. She's happy lying in her cot chatting to herself and rolling about, but I know that she's tired as she's rubbing her eyes and yawning. I've tried to see if she wanted to drop her morning nap, but she fell asleep in her lunch.


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