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How can I get 10 month old to sleep in cot?

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EgonSpengler Thu 28-Jul-11 14:29:30

Hi there,

I was wondering if anyone had any words of wisdom for me... My 10 month DD used to be fine about taking her naps in her cot, but as soon as she started trying to crawl (and we're also mega-teething, which probably doesn't help - five through at once) it's all gone tits up.

I've resorted to walking her around the park to drop off (which she does), but she will then wake up if I dare to stop. Needless to say this sees me doing three circuits of the park in the morning and the same for her afternoon nap. I have actually taken the skin off the bottom of my right foot. It simply can't go on.

I bumped into a Pushy Mum friend and she reckoned that I should just keep putting her down in the cot for her naps and that she'd get the message. Is that right or would I just be on a hiding to nothing?

Thanking you in advance!


addictedtofrazzles Thu 28-Jul-11 15:09:59

I am afraid I agree with your friend!

Perhaps you can get a music box that can play 10-15 mins of music. Put it on each nap time (and before bed) so that it becomes a cue for sleep. Then put her down and walk out. Go back in after 5 mins and soothe, then go out again and continue.

She will get the message and she will cry. But her cries are protests - not because she is in pain but because she would like to be walked around the park!

Whatever you try though, it is not going to work overnight. You need a week of persistence and perseverence to give a very plain message - that nap time is in the cot!

Good luck

Zimm Thu 28-Jul-11 15:41:01

We had the exact same problem. We put DD in cot and just sat with her until she went to sleep. We shushed and we patted and now we just sit there and talk quietly. So she does not feel abandoned or frightened. But boy did she complain in protest!

VelvetSnow Thu 28-Jul-11 15:42:59

How many naps is your dd taking and how long do they last?
Do you have a nap/bedtime routine?
Is her cot in a room with light coming through the curtains?

If your dd is still taking a milkfeed then may I suggest giving a milkfeed at naptimes and bedtimes only?
Perhaps whilst feeding before naps sing to her and lightly rock her - your voice and the movement will soothe her, then she may well nod off.

FWIW My dd has one long nap at 10.30am - 13.00pm. She doesn't go back to bed until 7pm. (Unless really grumpy etc and goes down for no more than 45 minutes around 4pm)

Perserverence is the key, and I would also agree with your friend.

EgonSpengler Thu 28-Jul-11 16:14:01

Brilliant! Thank you ladies (presumption, of course. Apologies if not the case...). I will continue to persevere! All fantastic advice.

addictedtofrazzles - we used to put on music when she was younger and it almost had the opposite effect! totally wound her up. possibly worth trying again though as it was a while ago.

Zimm - good idea.

VelvetSnow - she has two naps a day. usually an hour in the morning (9.30 - 10.30) and roughly that, or a little more in the afternoon (2.30 - 3.30).

nap routine consists of bottle, nappy change and then putting her down and giving her a soft book to distract her (she usually becomes absorbed in this and falls asleep).

bedtime routine is similar except it involves a bath and greasing her up with hydrous ointment for her eczema. yes, light does come through the curtains, but this has never been a problem before. she was a top sleeper from 3 months onwards - all night and great swathes of the day as well.

i'll try the milk feeds at nap and bedtimes - sounds like it might work.

Many thanks once again x

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