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SnarkHunt Wed 27-Jul-11 23:31:46

My 5-month old has just freaked me out! She went to sleep at 8pm on her daddy's shoulder as he was about to carry her upstairs to bed. Normally he would carry her up to her room and then I would feed her to sleep for at least an hour. But she was totally out, floppy etc. So we just put her to bed.
At 11pm she shrieked: I mean two bloodcurdling screams and I ran upstairs expecting to find something attacking her! I have never heard a noise like it from her! She was still asleep but frantic and I cuddled her then she just fed for 20 minutes and is sleeping soundly again.

Did she have a nightmare? Or could it be to do with hunger - she has barely fed all day, just a few short slurps I can only assume because of the weather. But it wasn't a cry, and she never wakes up crying in the night only snuffling and fidgeting when she's hungry. No, this was a SCREAM! like in the movies! I have just about calmed down...

TheWolfpack Wed 27-Jul-11 23:35:14

Oh that sounds so frightening for you! If she was still sort of asleep then I would assume just a dream? Or perhaps she had her leg or arm caught in the cot bars (ds used to do this a lot).

Have a nice warm drink and some deep breaths smile

SnarkHunt Thu 28-Jul-11 00:08:30

Thanks WolfPack. No nothing stuck - she sleeps in a sleeping bag so feet are safe but anyway she hadn't moved an inch from where we put her down. There are lots of moths around tonight and her daddy wondered if one had flown past her face and scared her but to be honest nothing like that would normally scare her, even when she's sleeping. She is fine now though and I don't think she actually woke up at all - just rooted and fed in her sleep. Poor little thing!

TheWolfpack Thu 28-Jul-11 09:44:31

Bless her.

I guess you will just have to put it down to being One Of Those Things smile.

Glad she is ok.

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