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I've somehow created a sleep problem in DS3! Need MN wisdom to find a way out...

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Chooster Wed 27-Jul-11 20:27:13

DS3 is coming up to 8 months old and as a newborn was wonderful. Even in the very early days he would only wake once in the night for a long feed / burp then go back in his cot which is a bedside cot next to me, so basically almost like sharing a bed with him. Then at about 5 months (never having slept though the night but still being good) he started to wake more and I would feed him back to sleep as, with 2 other DC, I needed as much sleep as I could to handle the next day OK.

Then after we'd started weaning - about a month ago, he decided he HATED his dummy and wouldn't nap in the day - again to make life easier I would breastfeed him when he was tired and cranky and hey presto he would fall asleep.

So now I have a child who screams if I try to get him to have a day time nap in the house without being breastfed to sleep (he'll sleep no bother in car seat / buggy) and who is now waking 4 or 5 times a night and can't seem to settle himself - only a boob in his mouth will do.

Mmmmm, how did this happen!!! I was much more routine orientated and keen to do the 'right thing' with the other 2 (i.e. in own room / not feed to sleep etc...) but with DS3 its all gone to pot.

So I've decided I need to stop feeding to sleep in the daytime - Tried it today and he screamed for 30 mins before my DH came in and settled him. DH has also offered to look after him all tonight so I can go in the spare room and he'll try to keep settling him but he's never gone a whole night without a milk feed so I'm fairly certain he's going to go mad.

Are there any other thoughts - I hate denying him when he's rooting around for his milk and getting so upset but I know he's using me as a sleep prop, I know he doesn't actually need to milk as he's a good daytime feeded and enjoys his solids.

mummytime Wed 27-Jul-11 20:59:36

You could try giving him a bottle of water if he's fed enough during the day.

At 8 months he's still young, so no you haven't ruined him for life.

BTW you don't have to have a routine, just do what works best for: you, your family, the baby.

However if you are going to break him of the habit, you need to be determined and strong willed, and have enough sleep. If DH is helping you so much the better.

thisisyesterday Wed 27-Jul-11 21:02:35

i would just go with it. he'll grow out of it at some point, all 3 of mine did.

remember that to a baby breastfeeding is about more than just milk, so although you say you know he doesn't need the milk, he DOES need the comfort and security, which is just as important?

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