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Co sleeping, naps and will I get my evenings back?

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HotButteredToast Mon 25-Jul-11 20:54:54

So I'm co sleeping with my 8 wo DD as from day one she would crack it, big time, if we tried to put her in a Moses basket. There's also the delightful bonus of more sleep between feeds during the night. Huzzah!
So the routine (as such) is: I feed her to sleep at night in bed and then during the day she nods off in the sling for about 3 hours in the morning. This is the time when things get done e.g. washing up, post office etc. There will then be a couple of afternoon naps and an early evening one of between 1/2 hour to an hour... She falls asleep on the boob on all these occasions whilst I'm plonked on the sofa. Also, I'm cluster feeding at night before we toddle off to bed at about 9pm.
This is obviously quite fine at the moment. Lots of cuddles, oxytocin etc etc and we're both happy.
However all of this sleep involves me being physically very present. Any suggestions for how, once she reaches the 10 week / 12 week mark, I can coax her to go to sleep on her own, be it in our bed or the cot? Evenings are the most pressing as the prospect of me also going to be at 6.30pm most evenings is less than enticing.

breatheslowly Mon 25-Jul-11 22:17:51

We had a cosleeper cot and I would get DD to fall asleep on me then shift her over onto the cosleeper and leave the room. Then once she became too mobile to leave in a 3 sided cot (and tended to rotate and kick me at night) we moved her into her own room (about 6 mo). We still tend to hold her until she is asleep (now 10mo) and then put her down and hopefully we will start to be able to put her down awake at some point, but at the moment if we do this she tends to stand up and cry. Admittedly DD wasn't BF which probably adds something different into the mix.

aledwasago Mon 25-Jul-11 22:27:40

Hi hotbutteredtoast, I wish I'd put my dd in her sidecar cot earlier (did it at 21 wks). I feed her to sleep lying down, me partly in the cot with her. When she is asleep I sneak away. The separate mattress means we disturb each other less too.
We're still doing this at 32 wks, although with hindsight I would have tried getting her to go to sleep without boob before now, as the fourth side needs to go up now she's pulling to stand.

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