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to wake, or not to wake???

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toolittletime89 Mon 25-Jul-11 14:31:14

Hey, here's an unusual one, i cant even believe im asking thid myself!!
As the mummy of a catnapper im curious to know if its true that you shouldnt let babies sleep for more than two hours during a nap. See, usually my baby girl struggles to sleep past the 45min hurdle (lol at how common this really is) her morning nap is usually the best (1.5 hours of sleep on a good day), with other naps becoming shorter and fussier as the day goes on. Now sometimes i encourage her to settle into more sleep, i give her 20 mins max to get back to sleep. Now usually she doesnt, its hit and miss really, but when she does i find that sometimes she then sleeps for a further 2hours soundly!
Now my question, should i wake her up after 2hours of sleep, or let her wake when shes ready?!?
Im confused as i have the view that i should work around what she wants to do not vice versa, but iv read that long naps interfere with night sleep. She generally sleeps well at night, around 11 hours max with one or two feeds if at all.
So what do you guys think??
My girl is 14 weeks so i know a growth spurt could be the reason for this particularly long nap shes having right now plus shes just getting over a horrid cold.
Any ideas on the topic would be great! I know i shouldnt really complain at all, some days just a 45 min nap is a god-send!!

Emsmaman Tue 26-Jul-11 19:09:08

I think that the HV would say let the baby sleep as long as they want. If it's not causing a problem with nighttime sleep, it sounds like you're doing pretty well there. I miss the early days where I had big chunks of time to get things done, now it's 45 min naps at best and normally at least one of them is whilst we're out as the pram/bus sends her off!

iloveholidays Tue 26-Jul-11 20:48:22

I say let her sleep... My DD2 is 18 weeks old and I let her sleep for as long as she wants. The only times I wake her is if we're going out and also I don't tend to let her sleep past 5pm as she goes back down at 7pm.

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