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Weird/ no routine

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BoSho Sun 24-Jul-11 13:33:23

Can someone please reassure me/ give me a kick up the arse about my 10 month old's routine?

I started off with a good routine (up at 7, a nap in the morning and another in the evening, then bed at 7), but it's all gone gradually wrong and now most days go as follows:

5.15: Wake-up, breastfeed, sometimes fall asleep again
6.30: Breakfast
7.30: Sleep for an hour, then breastfeed
11.30: Sleep for 1/2 an hour
12.30: Lunch
14.00: Sleep (if we're in the house, otherwise, this sleep doesn't happen)
17.00: Dinner
18.00: Bath
18.30: Bed

Sometimes, if the 14.00 sleep is dropped, he can barely make it through dinner and bath time, and is asleep by 18.00. Then some days he'll sleep through without any wake-ups (not often) and sometimes he'll wake up every few hours from about 1am.

I am still breastfeeding, and some days he'll go 5 hours between feed, and others he'll want to feed every couple of hours. I also don't feed at night, but I do pick up and hug.

I am happy to wing it to some extent (the feeding and sleeping during the day is OK with me) but the 5.15am wake up doesn't feel right, because it feels like a night feed than a morning feed iyswim. I have tried leaving him, but he really screams until I come and get him. On a side note, he's just got his front teeth through, which was painful.

So, I am totally confused. I feel really silly for having no routine and for breastfeeding all day, and wonder whether I should be leading the way a bit more to help my son feel more rested. Or is this all OK and a phase that will pass? All I can think of is my mum saying - 'There will always be something BoSho'. Have I fucked it all up?

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