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slept through at 11.5 months, but only for a few weeks... Why?

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Fumblina Sat 23-Jul-11 22:37:46

After nearly a year of terrible sleeps DD finally started to sleep through at 11.5 months...

For precisely 3.5 weeks.

Then she got laryngitis, learned to stand/walk, sprouted 8 teeth and has slept through on exactly 2 nights since. Oh and to add to the joy she will not bf anymore, I have been spat out, spurned, rejected

We have been blatently bottlefeeding her back to sleep thus far, telling ourselves its because she is learning/poorly/teething etc but to be honest I'm not sure she is any more. I'm beginning to wonder if we have created one of those negative sleep associations.

We are now 14 months.

What do you all think? Have we unwittingly created a new ishoo, or should we just continue to wait it out--and for how long please--?

I am now back at work and I am tiiiiiiired <wails>

Iggly Sun 24-Jul-11 19:21:17

Wait it out I'm afraid! DS did almost exactly the same thing. I think there are developmental issues plus me going back to work didn't help matters (in my opinion anyway). Although we did try and reduce the night feeds but I remember a pretty low point around 15 months or so. Then gradually got better with some blips by 18 months and now at nearly 22 months he sleeps through and I can't remember the last time he woke in the night (he's getting a cold now which means he will!)

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