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8 month old sleeping issue

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loumum1 Fri 22-Jul-11 11:23:48

Hi all, I really would like some help/advice with regards to my 8 month olds sleeping issues.
From about 5 months old my little boy started teething and i fell into some bad habits just to get him to sleep (rocking him/co-sleeping). However it got to the point where he would wake so much in the night despite being in bed with me and when i tried to put him to bed between 7-7:30 (with a good bedtime routine) he would wake every 20 mins crying i assume because he was alone so i would end up going to bed with him.
My partner and I decided 3 weeks ago that none of us could carry on like this as all 3 of us were not sleeping well at all so we thought we would try and put him in his own cot in his own room. The first 2 nights he cried for 45 mins before he fell asleep (obviously i went in every 5-8 mins to comfort him). Night 3 it took 20 mins and then most nights after that he would be alseep after 5 mins. So now getting him to bed is not the problem. The problem is the night wakings. He will usually sleep well from when i put him down until around 12-1 am which is when the stiring and waking begins. some nights if he stirs i can nip into his room pop the dummy in and push him on his side and he will fall back to sleep. But over the last week he wakes every hr and at between 3-4am and is wide awake!
Has anyone else had the same problem? Or any suggestions to help.
I hear mixed messages about feeding during the night so i dont know how to tackle this
Thank you

BenRoo Fri 22-Jul-11 13:52:22

Hi loumum1
Crikey,I could of written this post myself (infact I think I have in a sleep deprived haze) so I'm not sure how much help I'll be to you but certainly offer you sympathy...and coffee wink
Our DS is also 8mo and has never been a great sleeper, and like yours has been teething for a few months.
We got him into a nice routine of bath,feed then cot at 7ish,put some White noise on (worth a try!),and he'd wake at 1-2am for a feed and then after that it would go boobs up (pun intended).
Invariably it would result on him coming into bed with us and him fidgeting constantly until it was time to get up.
This was until he was poorly last week and since then has taking a long time to settle and has been waking every 2 hours sad
Although last night he settled at 7.30 and woke twice at 12.30 & 3am for a feed,I settled him back in his cot after 20mins each time and then he woke at 4am when DH brought him into bed with us.
Now....the whole, 'is he really hungry' conversation has come up more than once (mainly with MIL) and all I can say is that he definitely seems to be hungry as he's feeding for 20mins!!!
Sorry for the long post.
I'll be watching your thread with interest and the hope someone can offer light at the end of the tunnel.

matana Fri 22-Jul-11 14:38:36

My 8 month old is usually a great sleeper but he's all over the place at the moment. He's waking at night, wimpering and whinging on and off. Then he wakes up screaming, usually face down on his front or on all fours trying to crawl and getting stuck instead. His naps are rubbish and he seems tired all the time during the day. He just woke from his afternoon nap (just as i myself was about to fall asleep, having been awake most of the night) after just 30 minutes. He's a mess and clearly still tired, but now won't go back to sleep. If this is sleep regression this is far, far worse than the 4 month regression.

I'm knackered and just want him to nap during the afternoon for longer than 30 mins so i can get my head down for a bit. This is worse than when he was newborn.

I've been spoilt though - he's been sleeping for 11 hours at night for about a month. This is a shock to the system.

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