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My 5 month old has been awake all night....and no sign of him being tired yet!

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bellediva Fri 22-Jul-11 05:18:35

Hi all, my 5mth old little boy woke up from his last nap about 5pm and he has now been totally awake for 12hrs. Ive been up all night and tried everything.

He normally goes to bed at about 9pm (after his feed and a bit of bottom patting), wakes up at about 1am for a feed and then sleeps until morning. But today...I just dont know whats going on! He is here still chatting away.

Am I doing something wrong? God Im shattered.... confused

PumpUpTheJam Fri 22-Jul-11 06:33:22

First of all, commiserations. You must be shattered! And sounds like he is out of sorts too if normally has a routine, so could it be teething or an illness eg ear infection? Just because he's not howling with pain that might be what's bothering him. Or was he born early? I only ask because the wonderful Ask Moxie blog lists "sleep regressions" that occur at developmental growth spurts of 4 months, 9 months etc, and perhaps he's going through that. I'm out of any more ideas (DD woke at 5 after bad night and is now grumbling in the corner while i devote one second of my time to something other than her!) but my final thought, as the mother of a habitually bad / random sleeper, is that sometimes you just cannot fathom it or control it, no matter how hard you try and how well you think you've been doing. So it could be a freak one-off that you'll never explain! Here's hoping... And good luck...

Al0uiseG Fri 22-Jul-11 06:34:21

Ouch, poor you! Hopefully he can nap in the morning and wear himself out in the afternoon ready for bed tonight. You on the other hand are in for a very long day with lots of coffee.

lukewarmmama Fri 22-Jul-11 06:44:13

God how awful, you're in for a hell of a day - get your naps when you can.

I bet you a strong cup of coffee that he's teething or coming down with something.

At least he should sleep like a log tonight.

bellediva Fri 22-Jul-11 07:02:49

Yes he has been teething over the last few days, but he has been fine at night up until now. Ive checked his temperature a few times and he is absolutely fine, just dribbling loads and oh so chatty! He's just been lifting up his legs and whittering on and on...bless him! So I guess it could be the teething or maybe he just faniced a night on the razz lol!

He has just literally gone to sleep now but I will probably just wake him up again at his usual time, otherwise he's going to be even more confused!

Oh its 7am...he needs to be up in about half an hour...oh crap.... hmm

lukewarmmama Fri 22-Jul-11 10:19:46

Give him a little longer - same normal structure to your day, but a bit extra sleep. Otherwise he'll never make it through the day (and neither will you!). Good luck, and remember calprofen is your friend for teething!

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