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Early Riser - Do I just have to accept it or is it a phase :)

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JezzaJ9 Thu 21-Jul-11 13:19:07

Hi my DS is 2.5 and we have recently made his Cotbed into a bed, he is pretty developed for his age and is potty trained and doing really well.

But about one month in has realised he can now get out of bed when he feels like it. i.e. at 5:20am, he goes to bed at 7/7:15pm, he has pretty full days as he is at nursery 4 days a week, he has always been very active and goes to bed pretty easy, but generally he has always woke up at around 6:30/7:30am. We have tried the Gro Clock that turns yellow but he just repeats what he is meant to do but generally ignores the rule of staying in bed until the sun comes up. When he gets up he just wants to play.

We would ideally like him to sleep the extra hour.. Or should we just let him get on with it? He gets up, takes himself off and plays downstairs with his trains, without us knowing, we have now started closing the upstairs gate and then he just gets loud and angry, I feel slightly nervous about letting a 2.5 yo do there own thing downstairs and struggle in my head that this is okay. Do you think we just have to get up at that time? Sorry to ramble... Any suggestions or advice would be great.

Teleaddict Sun 24-Jul-11 06:08:26

Hi, there seems to be a few threads on here at the moment for early risers so it may be worth doing a search to see if any have some useful hints and tips! My dd is 2.5 and despite 6 months of getting up after 6 am we are now back on 5am ish starts she also goes to bed between 7 and half past.
Tbh we just accept that this is what she does as nothing seems to effect it (earlier/later bed time; no nap/nap or level of tiredness).
I don't think that I would be comfortable if dd was downstairs on her own with us asleep upstairs. How about putting some toys in his bedroom and explaining that he needs to play quietly until his clock turns yellow?
Good luck!

Halbwahrheiten Sun 24-Jul-11 06:14:00

My DS1 is 2 and does the same, but he has now learned to play in his room.
Blackout curtains have put a stop to the 5am starts. he now gets up at 6 and comes into our room around 6:30..

NormanTebbit Sun 24-Jul-11 06:25:04

He will grow out of it. Until then you just have to accept it really.

<props open eyelids with matchsticks>

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