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Reluctant Co-Sleeper - How do I move 5mo into cot and help him to sleep for longer?

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MustHaveSleepSoon2011 Thu 21-Jul-11 09:48:37

My DS is 5 months. He was initially a good sleeper however for the last 6 weeks or so he has been very unsettled at night. Six weeks ago he would settle at about 7.30pm in his cot and then would become unsettled from about 1 or 2am - from this point he would wake frequently (sometimes every 10 minutes). We dealt with this by bringing him into bed with us, which allowed us to cuddle him and put his dummy back in without having to get up each time he woke up. It also resulted in him going longer periods between wakings.

However he was unwell last week (not sure if teething or a virus) and now we cannot settle him in his cot in the evening despite following the same bedtime routine (bath, story, bottle) - he now generally falls asleep on me at about 8.30 and I can then transfer him to his car seat for the evening and then take him with me into our bed when I go up to bed. I try to transfer him to his cot when he is in deep sleep but he always wakes up. He is also back to waking up very frequently.

He seems to be reasonably happy and awake in the morning so I think he is getting enough sleep but I dont sleep at all well - he wakes frequently for short periods and needs help to settle each time. I also cant get back to sleep in between his wakings (I have had problems with insomnia and poor sleep quality for years - even before having DC).

I could cope when I got a few hours sleep at the beginning of the night before he joined me but I am really struggling now and I really want to get him back into his cot. I also want to help him settle himself more often when he wakes in the night so I dont have to get up every ten minutes. I need a plan of action but am too tired to think of one! Any advice would be gratefully received!

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