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Oh dear god... Is this regression, teeth, tummy or something else??

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sleepdodger Thu 21-Jul-11 08:29:51

15.5 wo ds has, for the last week turned into a screaming rage banshee every night
he's never been a good sleeper, and won't nap on day other than incidental naps in car etc for maybe 10 mins
we have tried everything but seeimingly he would only sleep 12-3/330-630/7-10 BUT that has gone hideously into a distant memory and we now gave unconsoleable screaming 9-12 unless being fed, v windy and uncomfortable, and what seems like teething - drooling, white pegs more prominent, hands in mouth, funny tummy
he is now only sleeping maybe 2 hours tops in a row and takes just as long between feeds so last night was typical - 12-2/4-6/7-8 that's it, abd most co sleeping as won't go down again after feed.....(that's new too)
Aswell as me being utterly knackered I'm worried about why he is doing this, what should I be doing? It can't be good for him to nit sleep or nap, I feel like something is wring but hv said 'he's a baby' hmm
he is also waking looking shocked and sad face crying each time which breaks my heart sad
anyone got any thoughts / suggestions?
He's ebf (tho expressed bottle bout 10) and 13lb7oz
thanks - on phone apologies for sp errors

Emsmaman Thu 21-Jul-11 08:44:23

Sorry I can't be much help but it sounds like what we went through three weeks ago (DD is 16 weeks). I put it down to unfortunate combo of colic and teething simultaneously. Lots of tummy massages and jiggling legs to ease colic and calgel for the teeth. Colic symptoms have disappeared but teething and sleep problems remain. DD always wakes up with the most heartbreaking cry and always has done, none of this happy gurgling business! Good luck x

sleepdodger Thu 21-Jul-11 22:35:34

Thanks Emsmaman lets hope our LO calm at night by the 'magical' 6 month mark...

titihood Fri 22-Jul-11 00:25:31

Have you tried baby paracetamol an hour or so before you put him down to sleep? If it is teeth, then that might help. If not, then trying it once shouldn't do any harm. Good luck!

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