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co-sleeping and moving from bed to cot

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cherrysmum Wed 20-Jul-11 23:47:32

My daughter is 7 months old and sleeps in bed with me. She sleeps like a pro and doesnt wake in the night at all, I put her to bed at half 7, she bfs to sleep, she wakes a couple of times between then and 9pm ish but then sleeps until at least 8.30am. I feel very very lucky that this happens!
However, how on earth am I supposed to get her into her cot?! She doesnt ever fall asleep by herself and needs a boob for comfort, she doesnt have a dummy either.
I want to sleep in bed with DP too but he wont incase he squishes her, which is fair enough.
I feel really stuck on this because its so brilliant that she sleeps and Ive got time to sit down/wash up/regain some sanity/drink a hot drink while its still hot etc but when shes crawling what do I do and everything?
Everytime i move her to the cot which has the side off and is right next to me in bed, she knows she isnt where she wants to be and gets very upset in her sleep and starts making her way towards me like an angry caterpillar until she finds me and then just settles straight away again.
I absolutely LOVE cosleeping, I just have no clue and to what to do next!
All advice/ideas/experiences welcome!
Thank you all!

threefeethighandrising Wed 20-Jul-11 23:52:02

No idea I haven't worked it out yet! And DS is 2.7!

He's in his own room now. But he comes back into bed at some point in the night.

DP wasn't keen on co-sleeping at first but he came round to it in the end.

Would a bigger bed make DP a little less scared of squishing her perhaps?

TiffanyToothache Wed 20-Jul-11 23:55:31

I'd keep the "side car" and keep her sleeping between you and it in the hope she'll acclimatise to it.

How does she 'know' when she's in the cot do you think? is it the feel of the sheet? your smell not there? the mattress? Could you put your pillowcase down in it?

Yes - a king size bed much better for cosleeping

Just some random thoughts . . .

aledwasago Fri 22-Jul-11 08:30:24

I have a 8 mo dd who sleeps in her sidecar, but still needs feeding to sleep. I lay her in the cot, me almost in with her and feed laying down. Once she is asleep I sneak away. Having our sheets partly over her helped settle.

Our next challenge is to put the side on as she is crawling and standing!

cherrysmum Fri 22-Jul-11 20:31:29

Thanks lovelies!
Ive tried using the sheet from our bed, my dressing gown as a sheet, toys in my bra then in with her to try and convince her its ok, but its not [hhm]
We were talking about baby sleeping today with SIL whos baby boy is a day younger than our little one and he sleeps in the cot but is up before 6 every day without fail. I would cry if that was me! At least she sleeps smile
If I ever figure out/make any significant progress I will let you know!!
Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

TiffanyToothache Fri 22-Jul-11 20:41:52

Last night when Ds was up several times for a cuddle before my bedtime and then wriggled around in my bed all night I thought of you and thought - "Don't change a bloody thing" grin

cherrysmum Sat 23-Jul-11 11:58:24

Aww thank you! grin I think this every single night!! I got in to bed last night andshe lifted her little head up and screwed her face up at me and just kept on sleeping, I really dont want to change it at all!!!! x

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