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What is your 9/10 month olds nap routine?

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choc27 Wed 20-Jul-11 12:07:30

Just looking for some examples of routines. We are in one but not sure it is working really. He doesn't often sttn but it seems when we have a random day where the routine is off, he does sttn! But there is no pattern!

jellybelly75 Sat 23-Jul-11 19:38:32

Hi Choc. My DD2 is 9.5mth and her sleep pattern at the moment usually goes like this;

awake 6.15am (sometimes just before 6 if we are unlucky)
nap 9.15am (on the dot - she is a creature of habit!) - 45 minutes
nap 12.45ish - 2 hours
bed at 7pm

I usually (but not always) have to wake her from both naps. I keep the morning one short (in line with GF advice) to ensure she has a longer one after lunchtime.

Oh and I should also say she mainly naps in her pushchair - usually school run in the mornings, and if I put her in cot after lunch she tends to wake up after 30/45mins so I have given up and just put her in pushchair with Igglepiggle and she'll usually have a long one.



TittyBojangles Sat 23-Jul-11 19:55:29

My 8 1/2mo DS is just starting to get a bit unpredictable at the moment with his naps etc, having previously been quite a creature of habit (not my doing at all). Routine usually...

Up 6-7am
Nap 9am (usually 1 1/2hrs)
Nap 2pm (probably only 45 mins, sometimes 1 1/2hrs)
Nap 5pm (45 mins, though doesn't always have this nap)
Bed 7-8pm

Sometimes his naps are longer, and times can vary quite a bit depending on what we are doing. Today for example he had 2 1/4hr at 9 and then 45mins at 4pm. Morning nap almost always in his cot, after lunch could be in buggy/car/my arms/cot and later nap if he has one is usually in the cot.

I stick to NO particular routine, just work with when I think he is tired and have never tried to do any different. I never wake him from a nap unless his late afternoon one is going past say 6.15 or so, even then I sometimes let him sleep. He is always fine to go back to bed as soon as he has had tea, bath and bf, even if thats 30 mins after he woke.

My friends baby will sometimes have 1 30min or so nap a day and sleeps similar hours at night. They are all SO different, almost not worth comparing. I have a very sleepy baby who is a nightmare if he doesnt nap! It has its good and bad points smile

Paschaelina Sat 23-Jul-11 19:59:17

Boy 10.5 months:

Awake 6.30am
Sometimes naps for half an hour between 8 and 9am
Nap 11-1 roughly
Sometimes naps for half an hour between 4 and 5pm

Bed 7pm ish, sleeps all night.

CharlotteBronteSaurus Sat 23-Jul-11 20:00:10

dd2 is nearly 9mo
awake 5.30am hmm
nap somewhere between 8.45-9.15 for 1 hr. I wake her from this nap, otherwise she doesn't take a lunchtime nap and gets really ratty by 3pm
nap somewhere between 12.45-1.30 for 60-90mins. she always wakes herself from this nap
bed 7pm

choc27 Mon 25-Jul-11 16:18:00

Thanks for the replies ladies x

PumpUpTheJam Mon 25-Jul-11 19:28:33

I have never ever ever ever ever had to wake DD from a nap; it's all about getting her to sleep and then keeping her that way! She was always a v light sleeper even when tiny and for most of her life has napped only in half hour cycles despite my best efforts to implement the advice in several sleep books.

Current pattern age 10 months is

630 wake
930 nap - half an hour exactly in cot, possibly longer in pram or car but not always
230 nap - see above
7ish bed

But we currently have a whole new world of pain with standing up in cot taking a record hour and a half to get to sleep today, so those times are wishful thinking right now!

choc27 Tue 26-Jul-11 11:16:12

Standing in the cot is a fun challenge isn't it! I just left him too it instead of trying to lay him down every time he stood up. He got it out of his system in about 10mins, would start to moan and then I'd lay him down.

Our naps are all over the place now after he had a sickness bug. No idea what he needs now really!

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