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Sleep deprived :(

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zoeina Mon 18-Jul-11 17:49:27

I have a 7 week year old baby boy who sleeps between an hr & a half to 2 hrs during the night between feeds. He Wakes up crying constantly during the night & will always wake up at the same times every night too. Hes bottle fed so should be going longer but it is not the case so my guess is that he is not hungry when he wakes up an hr & a half later. I do feed him tho as this seems to be the only thing that will settle him. In the end I resort to him sleeping on me to get a couple of hrs sleep.

My partner does help when hes around but he works nights too so there is a 4 day stint where it is pretty much me which is exhausting. I take him out for walks all the time during the day to help & have started to feed & bath him just before bedtime to relax him but he still wakes up. He does sometimes nap during the day but has days where he cries all the time regardless of where I put him, bouncer, pram, basket, mat. My family live in another country so unfortunately cannot get help from them. Any advice pls?

RuthChan Mon 18-Jul-11 18:24:59

I'm sorry to hear about your lack of sleep, but at 7 weeks old, it's not surprising.
Your DS doesn't really have a routine yet and needs regular feeds. This is completely normal.
I think the second month is definitely the hardest with regards to sleep. The baby isn't sleeping for long yet and you are already suffering from 7 weeks of little sleep.
Try to sleep in the day to catch up. It's great that you take him for walks, but if he drops off in his pram, you should rush home and go to sleep too. If you have a garden or somewhere he can stay in his pram safely outside, he'll still get his fresh air while you have a rest.
It is hard when babies have days when they seem to cry the entire time, but that is normal too.

The good news is that he will start to grow out of this stage very soon. His feeds will get further apart and he will start to sleep for longer. He will also start to settle down in other ways which will all make your life a bit easier.

BenRoo Mon 18-Jul-11 18:39:52

Sorry to hear your suffering!
Things do get better I promise you!
I found a sling extremely useful for times just as you've described.
If your LO sleeps better in the day then you may find they'll sleep better at night,although as the pp has already mentioned this may just be the way things are for a little while longer sad

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