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Toddler bed guards - scared myself

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Iggly Sat 16-Jul-11 20:30:15

We're moving DS, nearly 22 months, to a bed next week. Main reason is that he's getting too big for his cot (it's not a bigger cot bed) and being pregnant it's harder for me to lug him in and out.

Anyway it's not a special toddler bed with built in sides, it's a small single bed - little bit longer than a cot bed/junior bed.

So I've been looking into bed guards - we were going to have the bed with one side against the wall where his cot is now.

But I've scared myself reading about:
a) toddlers getting trapped between wall and bed
b) toddlers getting trapped between bed guard and mattress.

I'm also worried about him falling out and hurting himself especially as he likes to stand up in the mornings to greet me! And he rolls about like anything.

Can someone reassure me that it'll be fine?!!! Yes he's my PFB, can't you tell wink

Ineedmetime Sat 16-Jul-11 22:31:43

Hi Iggly, we have a dd 2years 8 months, she has a cot bed with a bed rail on and from what I can remember so far we haven't had any problems as yet. although I did go in to check on her one night cause she was crying and she must have either got up out of bed or fallen out of bed (she was on floor) but she was fine. Her bed is against the wall on one side too.
I think she was older than 22 months when we turned the cot into a bed but that was mainly because we had moved house and she was sharing our bedroom till she was 2 years(moved from 2 bed house to three bed house).
Her cot bed is quite near the floor though so I'm not sure how it would be with a single bed. We also use a baby monitor still just for peace of mind although we can hear her cry without it. also you might find when he is not in cot with sides on he might stop standing up in bed in the morning as he will be able to get out of bed. Do you have a stair gate at top of stairs or on ds bedroom? if not I would recomend it. hope this has been a help

Iggly Sun 17-Jul-11 11:09:29

Thanks Ineed. I was fine until I started reading stuff online... We've got a monitor and stairgate as I can imagine DS getting up and wandering. We've got him a low bed - similar height to a toddler bed, so might not get a bedguard but put cushions down.

Did you switch from sleepbags to a duvet? We are going to but no idea how DS will deal with it as he loves his bags!

Ineedmetime Sun 17-Jul-11 16:08:52

We use toddler quilts but I can't remember what age she was when we swapped from sheets and blankets. I just try to make sure the quilt is tucked in at side of bed or held down by teddies so she doesn't wriggle under it.
If your child is happy with sleepbags then you could still use them but its what you feel happy with at the end of the day.

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