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Brought big bed for scared of night times! HELP

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bliss88 Fri 15-Jul-11 16:28:58

hello everyone....

My dh and i have a just brought a bed for our ds who is nearly two.

Im soooo scared that hes not going to want to sleeep in it, we had the first night last night and he wouldnt go down for me so my dh cuddle him in our bed untill he was basically asleep. before we had this bed he was in a cot and was going to sleep awake we had a fantastic rountine, do i carry on with this? and cuddle him till he falls asleep?

he woke up at 5.30am this morining which he never does? what do i do about that shall i bring up a bottle for him when he wakes and let him get in with us he then still doesnt go back down or do i go down and start my day with him. im exhausted so dont really know what to do!

any advice would be great thanks x

craftynclothy Fri 15-Jul-11 16:31:48

Maybe he's picking up on your anxiety a bit?

FWIW dd1 just went into a bed with no problems, I don't think she even noticed. With dd2 she was a bit more adventurous and liked to sit up as soon as she was in it cos it was "new" but it stopped after about a week.

Firawla Fri 15-Jul-11 16:41:57

i wouldn't start the day with him at 5.30! you will tire youself out. i think it will be better to go with the option of just give him a bottle and let him get in with you as atleast he is still going to see that its sleeping time for you and that are not going to really entertain him. don't make it interesting for him at that time of morning cos it could only encourage him.
my ds1 did play up a lot when he moved over to bed from cot, so not looking forward to it with ds2 but the novelty does wear off eventually and they do just get used to it and back to sleeping nicely. is it that he keeps getting out of bed if you just put him in? i found story cds can be quite helpful keeping them in bed for a bit longer, and would try to stick to his normal routine as much as possible just with the different bed, atleast then its got consistancy for him and he should understand he needs to go in the bed and sleep

bliss88 Fri 15-Jul-11 16:49:51

aw thankyou i do feel a bit more reasurred that this will settle! yes i am going to do that and i have thought i may put peepa pig on on the lap top in the morn and let him watch a few episodes at least for an hour i dont mind half 6 just half five is very very early! espeacially as he has been sleeping through 7 till 7 since he was 6/7 months! thankyou Firawla.x

Craftyand clothy thankyou too for making me feel little less anxious im just going to act like hes still in his cot! and also invest in some cds and cdplayer strories! thankyou x

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