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Night time nappies

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Loobyloo1902 Fri 15-Jul-11 09:45:21

My LO has just started in size 3 nappies, weighs 14lb and is also just into 3-6 month clothes. I pop her in a Huggies nappy overnight which is supposed to be a 12 hour nappy but she's consistently waking up wet by 6am, wet nappy, wet clothes and wet cot.

Is this just the transition into bigger sizes or can anyone recommend a nappy to keep her dry?

breatheslowly Fri 15-Jul-11 14:42:52

Pampers baby dry seem to be good for my DD and all of my friends who use disposables seem to use them too.

naturalbaby Fri 15-Jul-11 14:44:16

is the nappy fully soaked all over? i found when i went up a size they leaked till he grew into them a bit more. i use naturebaby nappies and find they don't tend to leak as much, and if they do it's only when fully soaked! i sometimes change him at the 10:30pm dream feed to get an extra few hours out of it.

Seona1973 Fri 15-Jul-11 18:52:07

I never liked huggies and used pampers baby dry at night

MoreBoober Sat 16-Jul-11 19:18:03

Another one for Pampers baby dry here too. No complaints apart from the chemical smell.

TheRealMBJ Sat 16-Jul-11 19:20:48

I used disposables at night and although I hate Pampers (have and axe to grind with P&G grin) found when DS was small, that the Huggies just don't fit him right. Would leak consistently during the night in Huggies, but the Pampers were fine. Lidl Toujours were also fine all night.

matana Sat 16-Jul-11 21:00:47

Adding my voice to the Pampers Baby Dry movement. Fab nappie. Always found huggies utter shite.

BenRoo Sat 16-Jul-11 21:42:16

I use Aldi nappies!
They are really good!

sleeplessinderbyshire Sun 17-Jul-11 08:57:44

I find a bigger size holds more wee (eg DD leaked in size 4 when she still weighed 8kg but in a 4+ which is allegedly 9-20kg she is fine) DD wakes at 5-6ish for milk and I have to change her then or with 9oz at bedtime and a cup of milk at 6am there's no hope of holding the wee in. I think nature babycare nappies are far the best

Loobyloo1902 Wed 20-Jul-11 16:05:58

Thanks everyone, I swapped nappies to Pampers and we're back to getting eight straight hours sleep again-whey hey!

I'll seek out those Aldi nappies and give them a test drive....

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