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I have it good, I want it better...

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PSeaGull Fri 15-Jul-11 08:02:44

At the risk of being greedy I want to extend DS's sleep for a few extra hours in the mornings.

Here's the scoop, I'd love some of your experiences so I can make a good decision. DS (4months) is great at going to bed and generally a great sleeper. He's down by around 7.15 each evening and can be counted on not to wake before 3.30 and sometimes goes as late as 6.30. Most mornings though he's awake around 5 or 5.30. At which time it's always hard to get him back to sleep - either with or without feeding. This has been his own pattern and we hadn't been doing a DF.

I thought, by introducing a DF he would be able to sleep through until 6 or 7 regularly and it would certainly give me more confidence that he didn't need food at 5 if / when he wakes.

We've done two nights with a DF. The first, he woke at 5.10 as 'normal' without a hope of getting him back to sleep so I ended up feeding him and he snoozed for about 20 minutes. This morning he was up about 4.30 and it took over an hour to get him back down. But he did and slept til 6.45 when he woke gently and fed eagerly but not as if he was starving.

What're your experiences? Did DF's mess up your days (feeds and sleeps) too? Should I keep going with the DF or realise I've get it pretty good already?

DialMforMummy Fri 15-Jul-11 09:37:28

You have it good. Don't rock the boat!
At 4 months, his sleeping patterns can still change. As DF does not seem to have the required effect, I would not bother.

Loobyloo1902 Fri 15-Jul-11 09:48:03

Yep I agree with Dial, I tried introducing a DF for my 4 month old perfect baby to get a more consistent sleep through; it wrecked the night.

If it ain't broke and all that!

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