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Sleeping face down at 6 months

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JungleJunction Wed 13-Jul-11 21:03:12

Not even head to the side - properly face down.

It horrifies me when I see him in this position, he has done it since we put him in his cot-bed as I think he had room to move when he didn't in the crib in our room.

I gently roll him over when I see he has moved into this position but he is a light sleeper and wakes slightly (very grumpily) and will roll back onto his side with his neck extended back and then straight onto his front again. Face down.

He has a dummy and is in a sleeping bag and can move around the cot with ease on his tummy but his ability to roll back is sporadic (although easier in a sleeping bag somehow)

So, what are the risks of this do you think? Should I stop worrying or keep encouraging him to sleep on his back? FWIW he has reflux (medicated) so may be more comfortable on his front. He is on a pocket sprung mattress with a coolmax lining if that makes any difference (better than foam perhaps?)

ch1cago Wed 13-Jul-11 21:24:05

All 3 of my DSs have slept at times on their fronts, completely face down, usually with bums in the air from as soon as they could turn over (about 4 mnths). We always turned them over, but would find that they'd sleep whichever way they preferred and would often turn back onto their side or back without our help. My DSs didn't have dummies but also slept in sleeping bags and we've had no problems.

aledwasago Wed 13-Jul-11 22:00:26

My dd is 7 mnths and also loves to sleep face down bum up! Try putting your mouth up against babys mattress and breathe, then try it with yours. Notice a difference? It certainly put my mind to rest.

JungleJunction Wed 13-Jul-11 22:15:07

Ch1cago - thank you. It does seem pretty futile turning them over when they just roll straight back! It is good to hear other babies do this, it just goes against everything that is drummed into you about safe sleeping!

aledwasago - thank you! I will definitely try this experiment tomorrow. He certainly seems to manage fine face down but it looks unsettling!

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