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advice please..reducing night wakings!!

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BUDDI Sat 11-Oct-03 22:28:44

My bubba is just 3months..he goes down between 7.30 -8.15 sleeps til 1 - 2.30 am. Alls well until he wakes for the first night feed. He is now in his cot, but I end up taking him back to our bed after the first night feed because he doesnt settle again for longer than an hour, and is easier to have him next to me. Its a blur after that, but it feels like he is waking and looking for boob every couple of hours..4 / 5.30 and 7am. Does anyone have any tips as to how i can reduce this cluster feeding in the early hours. Also the latest thing during the day..he feeds for about 10mins every2-3hrs, but starts googling up at me (very cute) and coming on and off the breast as tho its a game! I'm concerned he's not getting enough during the daytime, is 10 mins enough at this age, he used to be a gourmet 40 minute suckler at first? The aim is to reduce it to one waking in the night..that would be manageable.. is this unrealistic? H E L P!

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