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13 Week old now waking every hour

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AmyLou32 Tue 12-Jul-11 23:03:37

My 13 week old baby girl, has generally been quite good at night, initially only waking twice a night for feeds. Recently at 10 weeks she dropped her last 10pm feed and completely out of the blue started sleeping through the night 7pm - 7am.
We have come away on hols this week and out of nowhere she has been waking pretty much every hour, from putting her down at 7pm. She has never been this bad and just not sure if there is an issue that I am not dealing with properly.
I am wondering if she has trapped wind as she does seem to wake suddenly, thrash about alot and then cry quite hard! If we pick her up she doesn't take long to settle, so we can put her back down, but only seems to go an hour before it starts again. Thing is this is going on until 5/6am would trapped wind really be trapped for that long?

Any similar experiences advice would be so gratefully received right now, as I feel so low for my little girl, she must be exhausted


MacMomo Wed 13-Jul-11 20:58:48

We had something similar - at 6 weeks, sleeping through the night. At 10 weeks, screaming at bed time and waking all night. We had silent reflux which didn't help (accounted for the screaming when put to lie down) but to be honest, it didn't account for the whole picture. What do you do to settle her? I was latching her onto the breast, and it was only when I started refusing to do so that she stopped waking. I thought she was whimpering or crying for feed but she just wanted the comforting and then it just became a habit: she wakes up at the end of the 45-60 min sleep cycle then needed help to go back to sleep. Giving her a dummy instead of the boob helped, or just doing the "shushpat" (shhhh whilst putting her chest gently). however, she's now got a need to be shushpatted instead. It has taken weeks to get down to 2 night wakings. Sorry - not really an answer. I doubt if trapped wind would cause all-night problems. I winded my baby obsessively, always got lots of big burps up. Then I experimented with not winding and she slept just as well, so now I wind her thoroughly before putting her down and that's it. You could also look up '4 month sleep regression' on the web.

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