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what to wear at night

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older1sttimer Tue 12-Jul-11 20:23:22

Hi folks, now i know this question has probaby been asked a thousand times but can someone just help me on this:

between temps 18-20oC should i have my DC wearing short sleeved vest and babygrow and sleeping bag of 2.5 tog (too much)
above that a short sleeved vest and babygrow and sleeping bag of 1.0 tog.

Is this too much, should i ditch the vest, so not sure about all this.

bettieblue Tue 12-Jul-11 20:39:11

I use the following guidance---

Above 26 c- no blankets, baby should wear a vest only.

24-24 c- no blankets, your baby should wear a sleepsuit.

21-24 c- one blanket, baby should wear vest only or no blankets and baby should wear a vest and sleepsuit.

18-21 c- one blanket- baby should wear a sleep suit.

16-18 c 2 blankets, baby in vest and sleepsuit.

below 16- 3 blankets, baby in vest and sleepsuits.

I use sleeping bags and using the above class a 1 tog as 1 blanket and 2.5 as 2 blankets. I think 2.5 bags should only be used when its really cold , at this time of year 2.5 bag is defintely too much. Baby will also let you know if they are uncomfortable. In the recent warm weather when ive had a sleepsuit on DS and its been damp through the heat ive changed him into a vest so you need to use the above as guidance but also respond to obvious signs of baby getting too warm.

older1sttimer Wed 13-Jul-11 19:28:40

many thanks smile

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