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'Sleepyhead' bed

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Pippaandpolly Tue 12-Jul-11 15:21:57

Has anyone got/tried a 'Sleepyhead' bed?

Apparently shortly to be stocked in John Lewis. I like the idea as an alternative to a moses basket, insert for the cotbed so it's not so big at first, instead of a travel cot etc - it seems like it would be quite multifunctional. But I don't know of anyone who's got one and I can't find any info about safety. Any thoughts?

DialsMavis Tue 12-Jul-11 22:05:47

I have never seen these before. I think they look good but ££££££££! But I guess if you add up what you would spend on a moses basket and a travel cot and you were going to pop out a few DC it wouldn't be so bad.

DialsMavis Tue 12-Jul-11 22:06:58

But then, should you only use them for 1 child? because with a moses basket you need a new mattress for every subsequent baby...

Pippaandpolly Tue 12-Jul-11 22:08:54

I know, the price is offputting. But then I guess I could easily spend £50 on a Moses basket and similar on a travel cot? I haven't investigated prices though so I might be overestimating! It did occur to me too that we could hold off on buying a cotbed mattress and just use this instead, in the cotbed, though that's probably a false economy as we'd have to buy a mattress eventually.

Pippaandpolly Tue 12-Jul-11 22:09:45

Good point. I don't know the answer to that one...

DialsMavis Tue 12-Jul-11 22:24:59

Hmmm I think that may be the clincher for me, it does look nice though. You could easily spend that on Moses basket and travel cot, but then you would probably need a travel cot eventually anyway and every man and his aunt have a moses basket in the loft that you can borrow and just buy mattress for. But with baby things like this sometimes you just want want want it and that is reason enough! If DP hadn't really wanted DD to go in his family heirloom crib ad I was planning more I would have had an Amby Hammock just because smile

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