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Newborn daytime naps - please help!

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Bubandbump Tue 12-Jul-11 11:00:09

My 7 week old DD has recently developed reflux and is on gaviscon and colief as she has bad wind.

She used to feed herself to sleep which took a while and then would go to sleep on me. At night she will still do this and go in her Moses basket and sleep from 9-6 with a few wake ups for food.

The problem is that during the daytime she has stopped doing this and really needs to be held upright after a feed as well otherwise she is extremely uncomfortable. She will only sleep in her baby born whilst walking at a fast pace, she hates the other slings, will sleep while walking at a fast pace in the pram if I can get her in it and off within the 5 minute window of going from tired to overtired.

I used to be happy to feed her to sleep and stay holding her but now she just chews on my nipples for up to an hour before drifting off for 10 mins. Thiis is making her reflux worse though as she occasionally continues to swallow and my nipples are getting raw and very sore. I am too tired to do the other options for 2 hours every 3 hours and just tried not letting her feed whilst walking around comforting her which led to 20 minutes of escalating screaming before giving in and sitting here with her chomping on my very sore nipples again.

She won't take a dumb and I just don't know what to do. I am at my wits end - please help! Have posted this in breastfeeding also as unsure where it should go but anyone else who has had a newborn that won't nap please give me some ideas. I nearly cry when I meet up with friends and their babies are happily asleep in their prams.

Bubandbump Tue 12-Jul-11 11:05:32

Argh auto correct nightmare, that should be that she will only sleep in her baby bjorn and she won't take a dummy!

PukeyRag Tue 12-Jul-11 20:39:56

Have you tried a bottle? It might fill her up quicker which could lead to falling asleep more easily and she can chomp on a rubber teat all she likes.

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