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6 month old has stopped settling at bedtime

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FKing Mon 11-Jul-11 21:37:00


My DD is just 6 months old and up until last Friday she always settled and went to sleep with very little problem. The last part of the bedtime routine is for me to breastfeed her in a dim room and then I put her down when she is full and sleepy (occasionally asleep). She then usually nods off straight away or sometimes cries a few minutes later but is easily soothed in her cot.

Since Friday......all change... as soon as her bum hits the cot mattress she starts moving and thrashing around and, if left, starts to cry....quickly working up into wailing. After 3 hours of trying to settle her in her cot I eventually fed her again and rocked her to sleep. She now does the same thing every evening and we have been forced to rock her to sleep.

When she wakes for a feed in the night/morning she goes back down fine so it is all a bit strange.

She cut her first 2 teeth at the weekend though doesn't seem any more bitey/drooly/whiney than before. We tried Calpol a couple of times but it didn't seem to make any difference.

Also, my mum babysat last Thursday and when my DD woke she gave her a bottle. This is the first time she would have woken up and not found her mum or dad there to comfort her - it took a long time for us to settle her when we got home and usually she goes down easily after a feed.

So.....we are a bit stuck! We don't want to get into rocking her to sleep in the long term but don't want to try and sleep train a baby who is having teething problems or is anxious.

Ring any bells with anyone?

GEJE Tue 12-Jul-11 21:49:45

Yes but afraid in the same boat so to speak and no helpful advice for you.

My DS2 is 6 months and has always gone down easily and self settled (though rarely all sleepy after bottle like his brother used to be, usuallybwide awake but no problem). In last 10 days he's taking ages to settle and is driving me mad as am up and down like a YoYo trying to calm him. After his bottle he starts throwing himself around and his head side to side. If I put him in cot, he then rolls onto stomach, and gets increasingly agitated until he throws up. If I take him down again and leave him in seat while I feed DS1 his tea, I can usuallybgive him some water and then he settles fine again. I don't want this to become the norm though as it's not fair to DS1.
Wondering if due to developmental changes as he just mastered sitting up last week? Or teeth though there seems zero sign of any (apart from dribbling, knowing etc that has been a constant since 2 months,)

Any advice welcome

FKing Wed 13-Jul-11 19:58:15

Good to know I am not alone anyway!

She went down fine last night then tonight....back to the crying. Curses.

What to do......I don't know.....

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