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When to stop feeding to sleep?

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kellieb7 Sun 10-Jul-11 20:43:30

Hi, I have posted on here several times in the past 6 months because DD would not sleep for longer than 2 hours (day or night) infact a 2 hour stretch was classed as a "good night" in our house. However this has all changed and she is now sleeping through the night (about 9 hours grin ) and is napping consistently in the day which means I have a very happy DD and I feel actually able to function. However I am still feeding her to sleep as nothing else seems to make her sleepy. Do you think this is something that I need to address now or should I just continue as we are, I plan to continue BF'ing for at least another 6 months and I am not returning to work for about the same. Would like to know your thoughts on this. TIA

Babymay Sun 10-Jul-11 23:25:26

Hi, I was doing the same with my DD. However,I stopped feeding her to sleep in the day when she was about 8 months. We did the pick up put down method which is similar to controlled crying but without the crying.

I carried on letting her fall asleep for the last feed at night and stopped that totally just a few weeks ago when I stopped breastfeeding altogether. She is now 14 months. I could have stopped letting her fall asleep whilst feeding much earlier but for various reasons didn't feel confident enough to let her do that. Sounds silly I know.

I hope that helps

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