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nightime sleep problems

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jessjo Sun 10-Jul-11 14:01:36

Our daughter (aged 2.5 years) has recently started waking in the night and will not easily go back to sleep. She has been a mainly good sleeper until now, usually sleeping around 10-11 hours and only occasionally waking - for a short period, e.g. to find dummy - in this time. In the last week though she has gone to sleep but wakes around 2-3 hours later shouting/screaming for her Mummy or Daddy, and will not go back over to sleep. The shouting/screaming can then last for up to 2 hours. We have resorted to taking her into bed with us twice although this is not a habit we want to get into.

We are not sure how to solve this problem, or what has brought it on - although our daughter has also this week started to use the potty, something new, but something which she has taken to pretty well.

Any ideas about what we can do would be gratefully received.

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