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2.7 year old & 5month old, No-one is sleeping well in our house-Please help!

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yawningbear Sun 10-Jul-11 07:17:03

DD is 2.7 never slept well, has never seemed to need as much as her peers. I have finally accepted the mid day nap has to go and as a consequence she has been falling asleep more readily, by 7.30pm rather than 9 or later. However last couple of mornings she has started waking really early-5ish. She used to do this but I could get her back to sleep. Now it seems because she has gone down earlier she is far less dozy and point blank refusing to stay in her bed. She also needs me to stay with her & pat whilst she falls asleep, only taken a few minutes since we have dropped the nap but obviously would be better not to do this. We have used NCSS in the past with some success, gradual withdrawal etc but when we have had a big change, illness etc we have reverted to old ways. I know I need to do the gradual withdrawal thing again though. Also have a 5 month old DS, very different to DD and I had been determined not to repeat same sleep mistakes, but here we are, feeding to sleep (not always), bouncing etc. Have tried to get him to self settle at bed time, no joy. SShh/pat overstimulates. Have managed once recently to get him asleep himself at bedtime but it took an age. He can settle himself during the night though confused DP is going to be working away in 2 weeks time so I am goin solo. Have no idea how to manage bedtimes with them both. Any ideas? Am so sleep deprived and had been so hopeful losing DD's lunchtime nap would help sad

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