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More sleep problems. Please help!

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bagelmonkey Sat 09-Jul-11 10:51:18

A couple of months ago I had a baby who wouldn't nap at all during the day. We'd never attempted any kind of a routine and DD was getting very overtired by late afternoon.
We managed to get her to settle fit naps in her crib, initially it took about 30mins+ but she got much easier to settle, esp at night. She usually woke 1 or 2 times during the night.
She is now just over 5 months old and over the last 2 weeks things have completely gone to shit. She has become impossible to settle without boob. She will lay quietly in her crib for 5 mins after a story then gets really excited and playful and eventually gets upset.
To make matters worse, she will only sleep on her front (I know) and will keep flipping herself over and shrieking with delight. She doesn't associate being on her back with sleep at all. She now wakes every 2-3 hours at night and barely gets 2 naps in the daytime. She's very happy, but for the last few days I've had to boob her to sleep and I need to stop this ASAP.
We're moving out of our flat this weekend to stay with my rents for 2 weeks before we move into our new place
Please someone tell me what to do!!

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