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how do you sort out sleep problems of siblings who share a room

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MonkeyChicken Thu 07-Jul-11 21:10:06

11 months DS and 2.10 yr old DD are horrific sleepers at mo (apart from waking early - 5am- DD was fine before DS came along). They share a room. My DH is rarely home and has told me he cannot cope with them anyway. They don't go to sleep easily, they don't stay asleep OR in their own beds (DD has horrific night terrors at least 3 times a week prob cos so over tired) and they start their day about 5am. DS still bf at least 3 times a night. I'm beyond tired and they are suffering 'cos a) they are overtired and b) they have an overtired mother. Not a fan of CIO but don't mind leaving them for short periods. Used to leave DD grizling when she was DS age quite easily. Since DS came along I've just done whatever gets the most people the most sleep, but DH is home at the mo (though he gets back v. late in evening so fater bedtime) which means there is not enough room for all 4 of us in my bed. All my own doing etc, but how to I start to correct it? Have been using some No Cry Sleep solutions to some effect.

ramade Fri 08-Jul-11 16:55:34

There is a clock which has a sleeping bunny on one half and an awake bunny on the other bit. You can set the time for when you want the awake bunny to be lit up. We got one of these for my DD (waking a 5am). I explained the night before, what was going to happen. Then when she woke at 5, I pointed to the clock and said "look bunny is still asleep, back in bed please". Every time she got up and shouted, that's what we did. Eventually it sank in.

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