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It's happening all over again! Am totally desperately sleep deprived and going nuts

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Leavingonajetplan Wed 06-Jul-11 16:35:28

My 2.5 YO DD was jsut about getting to sleep on own each night, we had a few tears, then a month ago she had a D&V bug for a week - everything went up the spout and she is now refusing to go to sleep unless cuddled or myself and OH stay in the room. She takes 1-2 hours to sleep even then - it used to be 30 mins max. Thing is she also wakes in the night and comes in our room, we are having to sleep in seperate rooms. When we did the CC she went to sleep all night, although she did 'cry' herself to sleep (with me or OH going in every 20 mintues). Am trying gradual withdrawal but I don't think it's working and I need my sleep.

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