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Help 6 month old suddenly wont sleep at night.

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yummy28 Wed 06-Jul-11 09:04:05

Im at a wits end earlier in the week my DS who is 6 months old had a few bouts of a runny tummy but only for about 2 days. so i put those sleepless nights down to that but that has now cleared up and he still wakes every hour through the night. Ive tried everything hes not to hot or cold cause i checked that first, His nappy is clean, He has his bottle at about 19:30 and falls asleep in my arms but as soon as i lay him down he wakes and crys this is repeated several times through the night going in to morning. Ive given him Infacol for the last few days its helped with wind but not with the sleep. Ive tilted his mattress slightly.
before this week from about 3 months he would have his last bottle at about 19:30 and then i could but him down and he would sleep till about 6am.
I really dont know what to do this is my first baby and my husband is away with the forces. Am i doing something wrong HELP.

PoppyDoolally Wed 06-Jul-11 09:40:42

i was just about to post a similar topic. had no sleep last night. my 6m DS is now lying on the rug in the other room while i try to get my head straight.

all i can say is solidarity, sister.

QueenofDreams Wed 06-Jul-11 09:43:48

oh I'm with you too. My 6 month old has gone from dream sleeper, to sleep refuser over the weekend!

solidarity indeed...

yummy28 Wed 06-Jul-11 10:36:26

Glad im not alone, What have you guys tried. why does this suddenly happen i arnt doning anything different from before.

QueenofDreams Thu 07-Jul-11 09:33:25

I'm thinking the heat is affecting DD's sleep. When I try to rock her to sleep she arches away from me, as we are both sweltering.
she went to sleep fine last night, but hadn't napped in the day.

1stMrsF Thu 07-Jul-11 21:28:58

Oh, I do feel for you. My twins at 5mo slept from 10-4, had feed then slept until 6/7. No problem I thought. This is fine. 6m, we started solids (which everyone says will help sleep) and suddenly, waking every 2-3 hrs (or worse...much, much worse). DTD1, don't know what the problem was. She slept through all on her own despite regardless of all the things I had tried (but not til 13mo sad ) DTD2 on the other had is the reason I didn't skip past your post. Despite having never had any reflux/wind problems as a tiny baby, somthing about eating solid food as well as (breast)milk gave her wind and unforunately it took me months to figure it out. I was feeding her when she woke to soothe (I was a feed on demand all night long type) and of course, unbeknown to me it was making it worse. When I figured out it was wind, my GP prescribed Dentinox drops (you can also buy OTC) for bedtime feed and I stopped feeding at night (well, I only fed every 6 hrs and used Dentinox when I did) and she started to sleep. To give you hope, she is now the one that sleeps best because she has had more practise at getting back to sleep I think!!

Still, my point is, think about whether there is something causing it - back arching is a sign of wind for example (I used to totally lose it because she 'wouldn't be soothed' by my, pushing me away was how I interpreted it, but in fact she was arching her back to ease the pain. On the other hand, you may decide it's something else entirely, but hope the story is helpful smile

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