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Book: The Baby Sleep System - opinions

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Cbell Mon 04-Jul-11 11:12:23

This book has been recommended to me by a friend so before I rush out and buy it, hoping that it contains the answers I need. Any reviews/ opinions. Anyone used this book?

I have the no-cry sleep solution book which has some good ideas....kinda

Oh we just need help, so what about this book. OR can YOU recommend another?

Many thanks my Sleepless Wonders

JudysDreamHorse Mon 04-Jul-11 11:32:25

I have PMed you about this as I have a copy. It goes through all the different sleep training options from cc to gradual retreat. I was already in touch with a sleep consultant when I got it so not used it myself.

Sowlers Tue 05-Jul-11 09:59:19

I have just read and followed the sensational baby sleep plan by Alison Scott Wright,within a week we have gone from a 10pm bedtime with a nightfeed and a 5 am wake up to an 8pm bedtime with a 6am wake up and a re-settle at 4am. Everyone likes to do their own thing that suits their family and beliefs but this has helped me a lot, strict with some flexibility and what feels to me a logical approach to things. smile

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