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Wake/rouse to sleep - does it work??

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Rubitue Mon 04-Jul-11 10:15:23

Our DS who was always a good sleeper, has taken to waking at 5am and refusing to settle back to sleep. His room is fairly dark due to a blackout blind and I've not noticed a particularly vocal dawn chorus.

In addition, he's decided to drop his nap, which I could live with if he was sleeping later. However, the inevitable result is that he gets incredibly tired by lunchtime. If we're out in the car he will almost definitely fall asleep, often as early as 10.30.

We're considering trying rousing him at 4am to see if that results in him sleeping later, has anyone found it successful?

If so, how did you rouse them? I'm worried about rousing him too much and then just having the usual battle an hour earlier, which would quite possibly kill me with a 3 month old still feeding in the night.

If not, do you have any other suggestions?

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